COPPER 175 mm2 IUD

Phase 3 study underway

Copper 175 mm2 IUD is a hormone-free, copper-releasing, long-acting reversible contraceptive. Copper 175 mm2 IUD is made of nitinol with flexible and super-elastic properties that can conform to different uterine shapes and sizes and contains less than half the copper of the currently available copper IUD.1-3

Features of Copper 175 mm2 IUD include

  • Fully preloaded IUD in inserter
  • Small insertion tube diameter (3.7 mm) with tapered, rounded tip
  • Precut retrieval strings
  • Copper strategically placed near the ostia and internal os, so less is required for efficacy
  • Flexible, nitinol frame2

Phase 3 Design: Evaluation of Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Copper 175 mm2 IUD

  • Prospective, multicenter, single-arm, open-label study to 3 years with extension up to 5 years
  • Study participants: N=1,620 subjects
  • Population: Postmenarcheal, premenopausal women up to 45 years old at risk for pregnancy; desiring a long-term intrauterine contraceptive for pregnancy prevention1

Copper 175 mm2 IUD is in Phase 3 clinical research. It is limited by United States Federal Law to investigational use.1


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